William Bonac Vows To Fix Abs and Gyno, Says Doesn’t Want To ‘Give Excuses At Olympia

William Bonac To Fix Gyno

Open Pro bodybuilder William Bonac recently addressed the issues that reportedly cost him the 2022 Arnold Classic title. A couple of weeks after securing a second-place finish at the Arnold Classic, Bonac won the 2022 Boston Pro which went down March 12, 2022, from inside the Sheraton Boston Hotel. While speaking in the award ceremony, William Bonac spoke about his struggles in recent times and promised to fix the gyno and abs that caused him to lose at the Arnold’s.

William Bonac and Brandon Curry were the frontrunners leading up to the 2022 Arnold Classic. Curry looked to be heading towards a clear win during the prejudging stage. However, Bonac made some smart adjustments and many thought he deserved to win.

Everyone thought that Bonac was the bigger guy with an overall solid package. On the other hand, Curry received criticism for his weaker lower body. However, the judges awarded the win to Brandon Curry. Fans and many experts have since argued that Bonac was robbed at the 2022 Arnold Classic.

During a recent episode of Fouad Abiad’s podcast, retired bodybuilder Guy Cisternino revealed his conversation with IFBB President Jim Manion about the Arnold Classic results. According to Cisternino, Manion told him that judges gave the win to Curry for three reasons – Bonac had ‘washed-up’ abs, his clearly visible gynecomastia and Curry had a flowing and aesthetically more pleasing Physique.

William Bonac sheds light on his struggles, promises to fix all the problems

William Bonac won the 2020 Arnold Classic title but could not participate in 2021 due to Covid-19 imposed restrictions. He also participated in the 2021 Olympia at the last moment and could not produce desired results. However, at Boston pro, Bonac brought an impressive physique and looked leaner. During the Award ceremony of the 2022 Boston Pro, William Bonac spoke about his struggles over the past couple of years and shed light on everything he went through.

“I’ve been struggling for the last two years since the Covid came up with the restrictions, you know. I couldn’t train well and got stuck for two weeks in other countries. The last two years was hell for me, it was really a hell. My wife, my family, everyone stood next to me, you know. Without them, I was this close to giving up last year.”

William Bonac further stated that he was contemplating retirement from competitive bodybuilding due to the circumstances. However, one of his friends helped him with various things. He also motivated him to continue with his bodybuilding career.

“He spoke to me, he encouraged me, he helped me with my blood test. I was just this close of stopping bodybuilding and he told me – “Bro. You’ve got so much more potential. Why quit now.”

Bonac’s friend also got him in touch with famed bodybuilding coach Chad Nicholls. He said that it was Nicholls who got his physique to the competitive level within a short five-week preparation camp. Bonac then went on to address the issues that stripped him from winning the 2022 Arnold Classic.

“Yes, I know I had some problems with my gyno (Gynecomastia). I know that I had some problems with my abs as well. I know that I can fix it once I get the qualification. So thank god. Now I have the time to go and do the operation and fix everything that’s needed so I don’t have any excuses at Mr. Olympia.”

William Bonac has displayed a correct mindset and approach to making leaps in his bodybuilding career. “The Conqueror” already has a solid legacy in the sport, if he continues to address the problems and gets rid of them in near future, he can undeniably stake a claim at the Mr. Olympia title.

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