2022 Clash On The Coast U105 Strongman & U82 Strongwoman Results

2022 Clash On The Coast

The 2022 Strengthlete Collective Clash on the Coast contest took place on April 22-24th, 2022, at the Beach House Resort in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. It is notorious for being one of the most prestigious U105 kg Strongman and U82 Strongwoman competitions in the world. As such, it only featured the greatest athletes in their respective weight classes. However, after some incredible performances, Isaac Maze won the U105 kg Strongman division, and Melissa Peacock did the same in the U82 kg Strongwoman division

The 2022 Clash on the Coast is also the first time that the Strongwoman’s prize pool is larger than the Strongman’s. The Strongwoman division was Invitational, so 8 athletes went straight to the finals, which took place on April 24th. However, the Strongman division consisted of 36 athletes who had to go through prelims to qualify for the finals. 

  • Saturday, April 23, 2022 – Clash on the Coast U105KG Men’s Prelims / 3 p.m EST
  • Saturday, April 23, 2022 – Clash on the Coast U105KG Men’s Final / 8 p.m.
  • Sunday, April 24, 2022 – Clash on the Coast U82KG Women’s Invitational / 10 a.m 

The 2022 Clash on the Coast also featured some of the greatest Strongman athletes in the World as special judges. Nick Best was the head judge, while Maxime Boudreault and Evan Singleton also supervised the events. 

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2022 Clash On The Coast U105 Strongman Full Results & Prize Money

  1. Isaac Maze – 50.5 points / $10,000
  2. Matthew McKeegan – 47 points / $3,000
  3. Dan Hughes – 46 points / $2,000
  4. Jesse Nelson – 40.5 points
  5. Nicholas Hein – 39 points
  6. Michael Congdon – 32 points
  7. Bob Schwantz – 28.5 points
  8. Tyler Young – 28 points
  9. Justin Loy – 26.5 points
  10. Mike O’Connor – 25.5 points
  11. Jordan Donaldson – 13 points
  12. Richard Moczygemba – 4 points


2022 Clash On The Coast U82 Strongwoman Full Results & Prize Money

  1. Melissa Peacock – 44 points / $12,000
  2. Samantha Belliveau – 39 points / $5,000
  3. Nadia Stowers – 32 points / $3,000
  4. Jodi Kennedy – 27 points
  5. Erin Walklet – 24 points
  6. Rebecca Lorch – 19 points
  7. Jessica Mitchell – 14.5 points
  8. Laura de Berdt Romilly – 12.5points

Strongman U105 Kg Events & Recap

  • 1st Event – 210 lbs (95 kg) dumbbell for reps (60 second time cap)
  • 2nd Event  – 630 lbs (306 kg) axle bar deadlift for reps (60 second time cap)
  • 3rd Event – Yoke into frame carry 
  • 4th Event – Sandbag to shoulder for reps (5 implements 240-320 lbs / 60 second time cap)
  • 5th Event – Stone over bar

The men’s division featured numerous incredible performances, but Isaac Maze’s consistency is what earned him the win in the 2022 Clash on the Coast. It was a long day for athletes who had to perform multiple full-body exercises, as their rest time was also very short. This means that not only their physicality was tested, but their mental strength as well. Apart from Isaac’s win, Matthew McKeegan’s performance could be one of the greatest ever. Matthew started out in 11th place, but managed to finish the competition in style and claim a silver medal for himself.

Strongwoman U82 Kg Events & Recap

  • 1st Event – Circus dumbbell for max weight (60 second time limit)
  • 2nd Event – 285 lbs (129 kg) Shield/Husafell Stone carry for max distance (60 second time limit)
  • 3rd Event – Sandbag to shoulder for reps – 200 lbs
  • 4th Event – 450 lbs (204 kg) Flint stone type deadlifts for reps (60 second time limit)
  • 5th Event – 650 lbs (295 kg) Yoke for time (50 feet in 60 seconds)
  • 6th Event – Loading race – 5 implements, each is placed 30 feet away from the platform (75 second time limit)

Samantha Belliveau started the competition with a win and a World Record in the Circus dumbbell event, having single arm pressed 183.9 lbs (83.4 kg). Nadia Stowers also had an incredible start, but Samantha was unbeatable in this event. She continued her amazing performances in the shield carry event, finishing only behind Erin Walklet and Melissa Peacock. 

You can watch Belliveau’s World Record here:

Melissa Peacock won the third event (Sandbag to shoulder) by lifting the 200 lbs sandbag to her shoulder five times, which got her a comfortable overall lead at that point of the competition. Melissa then deadlifted 450 lbs (204 kg) for an incredible 11 repetitions to win the fourth event (deadlift for reps). With this, Melissa Peacock basically already secured the overall win. 

The win in the fifth event (Super Yoke) fell into Samantha Belliveau’s hands, which was a key point in her securing the overall second-place finish. No one was able to load all five implements in the sixth event (Loading Race), but Melissa Peacock had the fastest time in loading four of them. 

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Both winners of the 2022 Clash on the Coast represented Canada, and did it in the best way possible. It is also a fun fact that the winners in both divisions, Melissa Peacock and Isaac Maze, are in a relationship, so they are definitely contenders for the Strongest Couple In The World. This competition also represents important progress in the sport, as both divisions are getting an adequate prize reward. 


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