Bodybuilder Hassan Mostafa Shares Killer Quads Workout

Hassan Mostafa Quads Workout

Egyptian professional bodybuilder Hassan Mostafa recently shared a killer quad workout. Mostafa is a newest addition to the roster of high-caliber bodybuilders that came from the east.  He nurtures a dream wear the most prestigious crown in the world of professional bodybuilding – Mr. Olympia.

Hassan Mostafa made his IFBB Pro debut with the 2019 IFBB Indy Pro and finished third in the Open Pro division. He has since competed in a total of 11 Pro shows and achieved a podium finish in four of those. Mostafa’s sole Olympia appearance came in 2021 Olympia where he finished 13th. He last competed at the 2021 Texas Pro and missed a podium finish with mere two spots, finishing fifth overall.

Mostafa recently shared a killer quad day workout on his YouTube channel. The workout consisted of many supersets to get the most out of each movement.

Superset means performing sets of two different movements with rapid progression with minimal rest periods in between. In traditional strength training routines, an individual performs all the sets of first movement before starting the sets of second movement. However, a superset means that the individual will perform the first set of the second movement between the first and the second set of the first movement.

Supersets are a time-efficient way of performing different movements in a session. The shorter rest periods also increase the aerobic intensity of a workout.

Hassan Mostafa’s Quad Workout


Hassan Mostafa started the quad training session with leg extensions and leg press. These movements served as the warm up exercise. Mustafa performed two sets of leg extensions and leg press. He advised to hold the top position in leg extensions and perform the eccentric phase of the movement in a slow and controlled manner.

Working sets

Superset 1

Hassan Mostafa warmed up sufficiently before starting with the working sets to avoid injuries. The first superset consisted of three sets of leg extensions and leg press with 15 to 25 reps until failure.

Superset 2

Hassan Mostafa then moved on to the next superset that again consisted of three sets of hack squats and Smith machine lunges with 15 to 25 reps until failure.

Benefits of hack squats and regular squats are similar. However, the hack squats are generally safer for most people to perform due to the design of the machine. Since the weight is distributed through the center of mass at an angle, the stress on spine and lower back is significantly reduced than the regular squats.

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Walking barbell lunges

After the first two supersets, Hassan Mostafa next performed an extremely demanding workout. It consisted of three sets of walking barbell lunges with progressive overload for 15 to 25 reps until failure.

In addition to the quads, when performed with proper form, barbell lunges are an effective way to work the hamstrings, hip flexors, and glutes as well.

Single leg extensions

Hassan Mostafa wrapped up the quad workout with three sets of single-leg extensions with 15 to 25 reps until failure. This movement served as the finisher of the day.

Courtesy of Hassan Mostafa’s YouTube channel, you can watch the full workout video here:


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