Bodybuilders Brett Wilkin and Iain Valliere Go Through A Killer Quad Workout

Brett Iain

IFBB Pro bodybuilders Brett Wilkin and Iain Valliere recently went through a crushing leg workout session with Coach Matt Jansen. After starting his professional bodybuilding career in the 212 division, Brett Wilkin took time off and transitioned well to the Open Pro division. He last competed at the 2022 Arnold Classic and finished sixth. While there is still room for improvement, Wilkin does appear to be a future Olympia contender.

Brett went through the leg day workout at the Revive gym in Stuart, Florida. The 27-year-old explained that he will shift his house there in a few weeks. He has been busy setting things up for the move. However, that has not stopped him from training. In their previous joint workout session, Brett Wilkin and Iain Valliere trained hamstrings. This time, however, it was time for quads. Having trained in the gym for a longer time, Iain Valliere was more familiar with the equipment and the setup. Therefore he took the lead in this workout and Brett Wilkin followed.

Brett Wilkin and Iain Valliere’s quad workout session

Having trained in the gym for a longer time, Iain Valliere was more familiar with the equipment and the set-up. Therefore he took the lead in this workout and Brett Wilkin followed.

Leg Extensions

The bodybuilder duo warmed up with leg extensions to set the tone for the rest of the workout. Although it was a warm-up, Wilkin and Valliere worked up to the heaviest top set. Following this, they employed the rest-pause method. While explaining this, Brett Wilkin said:

“So just two pins down from the top set we just did. Now you do rest pause. So, probably around 10 to 12 reps. Then rest for 15 seconds, go failure reps, rest 15 seconds, go failure reps. S o just to make it a little three-circuit set here.”

Inner thigh squeezes

Brett Wilkin explained that doing adductor exercises at the very beginning opens you up and then the individual can focus solely on the quads during the rest of the workout. Therefore, a few sets of inner thigh squeezes followed the leg extensions. The bodybuilder duo went through a few sets of inner thigh squeezes and moved on to the next workout.

Leg Press

Iain Valliere and Brett Wilkin next performed leg press on the Cybex leg press machine. While emphasizing on the benefits of this particular machine for leg press, Brett Wilkin said:

“This is actually my favorite for quad focus. It just fully loads the quads. It’s a smaller platform up top which means we just go steep angle too.”

Before performing the leg press, Brett Wilkin advised the viewers to flex the knees and create the stretch on the quads. Wilkin and Valliere performed a few sets of leg press with heavier loads. For the top set, Brett Wilkin used 10 plates per side while Iain Valliere used 11 plates per side. They both performed about 20 reps each in the top set. After getting the legs pumped with the leg press, the duo went on to perform the next movement.

Hack Squats

Before starting with the hack squats, Coach Matt Jansen explained that he wanted Wilkin and Valliere to pause at the bottom in each rep. Brett Wilkin explained that the weights for this workout were not as heavy. However, the pause at the bottom significantly increased the difficulty level. Wilkin and Valliere performed some heavy top sets of hack squats to move on to the finisher of the day.

Bodyweight walking lunges

While there are many variations of lunges that employ body weight as well as free weight, Brett Wilkin finished the workout with good ol’ bodyweight walking lunges. Wilkin explained that lunges open up the legs and provide a good stretch as well. Therefore, they work as a good finisher.

Overall, Iain Valliere and Brett Wilkin’s Quad day workout consisted of:

  • Leg Extensions
  • Inner Thigh Squeezes
  • Leg Press
  • Hack Squats
  • Bodyweight Walking Lunges

Brett Wilkin’s post-workout comments

After the workout, Brett Wilkin stated that it was a ‘killer’ session and spoke about his decision to move to Florida and training with Iain Valliere.

“I can already tell Iain’s gonna make me raise up my game. That’s kind of why I came down here, you know. I’ve been a big fish in a little pond. Now it’s kind of time to start it all over, start at the bottom of the chain and work my way up out here. So, great environment, I am excited to get here fully,” Brett Wilkin said.

Courtesy of Brett Wilkin’s YouTube channel, you can watch the full quad workout video here:


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