Bodybuilding Coach Charles Glass Shares Useful Tips on Building Back and Shoulders

Charles Glass Tips Back And Shoulders

Renowned bodybuilding coach Charles Glass routinely shares tips and knowledge to maximize results while working out. In a recent video on YouTube, Glass showed off useful workouts designed to target the shoulders and back. 

Charles Glass is widely recognized for his ability to create detailed workout routines. The bodybuilding coach is a proponent of muscle isolation training. By stressing specific muscle fibers, Glass emphasizes proper contractions to maximize the benefits while working out. Whether it’s improving triceps, enhancing the back, or building bulletproof legs, Glass has the solution. 

As a retired bodybuilder, Glass steadily emerged as one of the most prominent coaches in the sport today. His attention to detail and engineering background have been an ideal combination in the fitness industry as well. 

Charles Glass Tips on Shoulder Press and Barbell Wide Grip Upright Rows 

In a recent YouTube video, Charles explains how he trains the shoulders and back with a few exercises. 

“Shoulder press. We treat it more like a military press and keep it in the front.” Glass explained.

Charles’ assistant says that she struggles to train her shoulders because they weaken during exercise routines. She mentioned that she can increase weight during leg exercises but struggles to do the same with her shoulders. Charles said increasing the weight is fine, but only in small increments. 

“You can do the same but not big jumps like you normally take. They got to be small increments.” 

During the shoulder press routine, Charles made sure her elbows stayed tight on the decline. Glass follows up the exercise by explaining how he prefers to use lifting belts during training sessions.

“I find those type of belts are a little stiff. I try to wear my belt low. So, when I wear it low, I’m right on top of that bone. Now, I got so much space on the top. Whoa. If I put it at the top I don’t have the support I need. They’re good… I like the stiffness of them, but it’s just not where I like to wear. The other belts I can wear it lower, higher, whatever I want, and it just does to my back.” 

Next, the two start a couple sets of barbell wide grip upright rows designed to target the lateral head and front delt. During the exercise, the thumbs aren’t hooked but Charles believes both ways work fine, it just depends on how much weight is being lifted. 

“You know she has her hands really wide because we are trying to keep it off her traps and more on her delts.” 

“I do it both ways, just depends. If I start going really heavy, I can wrap around. When it’s light, I’m bobbing it. As soon as I go heavy, I got to put that thumb around.”

Watch the video:

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Charles is well-respected in the fitness community because he trains a variety of different physiques. He understands workout routines should vary from person-to-person to achieve optimal results. After sharing some useful tips on building the back and shoulders, The Godfather of Bodybuilding continues to live up to his moniker. 


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