Bodybuilding Legend Bill Pearl Narrowly Escapes Death in Lawn Mowing Accident

Bill Pearl Accident

As a top athlete during the 1950s and 1960s, bodybuilding legend Bill Pearl reached incredible heights while competing as an IFBB Pro. While enjoying retirement, Bill was recently a victim of a brutal lawn mowing accident that almost resulted in his death. 

Bill Pearl holds the distinction of having won the Mr. Universe title a total of five times during his bodybuilding tenure. His most notable victory in the sport came after defeating bodybuilding star Frank Zane in 1971. In addition, he won first prize at the 1953 Mr. America show and also nailed first place in 1956 at Mr. USA. Bill retired from competition in 1971 following his last Mr. Universe victory but continued to make guest appearances at various shows until 1989.

According to a recent Facebook post, Bill fell off his Craftsman lawn mower. The post states that he was trapped under the machine face-down after he got stuck riding over a squirrel mound. 911 was called but fortunately, a truck with his son showed up and they offered assistance. Following the scary ordeal, Bill was informed by doctors that he had a compression fracture of his T-10 vertebrate which prompted a surgery that lasted over six hours. 

Pearl Expected to Return Home Soon

You can read the full Facebook statement below.


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