Bodybuilding Legend Dexter Jackson Shares Insane Back Workout, Looking Beastly in Retirement

Dexter Jackson

Retired IFBB Pro Dexter Jackson is maintaining a monster physique while enjoying retirement. In a recent post on Instagram, Jackson showed that he’s not slowing down after hitting some demanding back workouts. 

Jackson has competed in the sport for nearly three decades and has faced some of the most prolific bodybuilders to ever grace the stage. He holds the distinction of having won the most bodybuilding shows (29). Along his path as a Pro, Dexter realized the pinnacle of his career after defeating fellow legend Jay Cutler in 2008 to win his lone Mr. Olympia title. In addition, he’s found plenty of success while competing at the annual Arnold Classic, a show in which he’s won a total of five times. 

Before competing at 2020 Mr. Olympia, “The Blade” decided that win or lose, he would retire from the sport, a decision he followed through with after placing ninth. However, given his ability to lift heavy weights while in retirement, many fans are wondering if the legend still has enough juice for one more show.

Olympia President Jake Wood hinted that Masters Olympia, a competition for older bodybuilders could return soon. Wood went so far as to say “definitely by 2023“. Jackson would be the perfect candidate to compete at the event, especially after seeing him plow through exercises on social media. 

Dexter Jackson Not Slowing Down in Retirement

The bodybuilding legend took to his Instagram page and demonstrated a series of back workouts. During the training footage, Dexter practiced some bent-over reverse cable flyes and utilized machines for a variety of workouts. 

Here are the Masters Olympia Winners:

  • Robby Robinson – 1994 
  • Sonny Schmidt – 1995 
  • Vince Taylor – 1996 
  • Vince Taylor – 1997
  • Vince Taylor – 1999 
  • Vince Taylor – 2000 
  • Vince Taylor – 2001 
  • Don Youngblood – 2002
  • Claude Groulx – 2003
  • Dexter Jackson – 2012

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Dexter maintained an incredibly busy schedule as a bodybuilder and has yet to express clear intentions of mounting a return to the sport. Nevertheless, fans don’t miss an opportunity to nudge “The Blade” to once again perform on stage. 

At 52 years old, Dexter is defying father time with an amazing physique. While he downsized at the end of last year, it certainly looks like he’s packing on some muscle now. Dexter may not appear interested in a bodybuilding return, but he’s staying incredibly healthy in retirement. 


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