Brandon Curry Shares His Bodybuilding Diet For The Mr. Olympia Prep

Brandon Curry Mr.Olympia Diet

Bodybuilder Brandon Curry recently shared what he eats throughout the day during his Mr. Olympia preparation. Curry is one of the most elite competitors in the Open Pro division. He captured Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic titles in the year 2019. The 39-year-old also scored a win at the 2022 Arnold Classic. If he captures the Olympia title in December 2022, Brandon Curry will become the only competitor to win both the titles in the same calendar year on two separate occasions.

Brandon Curry has a lot at stake when he enters the 2022 Olympia later this year and he is leaving no stones unturned to make history. During a recent interview with Men’s Health magazine’s YouTube channel, Brandon Curry shared his complete diet for Olympia prep.

Brandon Curry’s full day of eating

At the beginning of the video, Brandon Curry spoke about his 2022 Arnold Classic win and highlighted the importance of scoring a win at the 2022 Olympia.

“If I can win the Arnold Classic and the Olympia this year, I will be one of the first guys to do it twice… So, this is my mission for this year.”

Curry is going through a 10-week training camp in Kuwait. During this time, ‘eat to recover, sleep to recover and train to make progress’ is his sole purpose without any distractions. He is training twice a day and training every body part at least twice a week. His current diet includes six meals a day and here is the break-up of every meal:

Meal 1

Brandon Curry wakes up at 7 AM in the morning when he is in Kuwait. He drinks plenty of water and finishes is morning workout before having the first meal of the day. It typically consists of:

  • Potatoes — 350 grams 
  • Chicken — 200-220 grams
  • Two to three eggsor egg whites

Curry stated that he does not count calories but rather measures the food by weight.

“We do everything by scale weight. Everything is measured by scale weight. So, I mean, anywhere from 200 grams on the scale to 200 grams of protein per meal and then for carbohydrates, that can go all the way up to 400 grams to all the way down to nothing in some meals,” Brandon Curry said.

Meal 2

Brandon Curry takes an approximately two-hour nap after the first meal. He wakes up to consume his next meal. This one consists of a staple of chicken and rice. Curry did not reveal the amount of chicken he consumes for this meal. However, it typically consists of:

  • Chicken
  • Rice — 200-300 grams

The second meal is then followed by no more than 90 minutes of workout depending upon what body part Brandon Curry is working on.

“While doing my workout, I take a pre-workout of course just to aid my recovery, get the recovery process started before the training is even finished,” Brandon Curry said.

Meal 3

Brandon Curry’s third meal of the day is obviously the post-workout meal that consists of Salmon or steak and sweet potatoes. However, Curry stated that he prefers green vegetables over sweet potatoes when the training camp gets intense and he has to reduce the carbohydrates intake.

“Typically when I am high on the carbs, I stay away from the fiber for digestion. I don’t want to be too full. The fiber slows everything down. Fullness is the enemy when you’re trying to get in a lot of calories.” Brandon Curry said.

Curry did not reveal the amount of meat. However, the third meal typically consists of:

  • Salmon or steak
  • Sweet potatoes — 250 grams or Green vegetables when the carbohydrates intake goes down at the later stage of his training camp

Meal 4

It is nap time for Brandon Curry after the post-workout meal and he consumes the fourth meal of the day. It consists of:

  • Chicken — 220 grams
  • Rice — 200-250 grams

Meal 5

Curry heads down to the gym for the second workout of the day after the fourth meal and consumes the next meal after the workout. It consists of:

  • Salmon or steak — 220 grams | when further into prep, Curry will opt for a leaner protein source like white fish.
  • Green salad

However, during the peak of his training, Brandon Curry switches to white fish and green salad for the fifth meal.

Meal 6

Brandon Curry’s last meal of the day again consists of fish, green vegetables, and rice. However, Curry eats rice in this meal only if he has to increase the amount of carbohydrates. Otherwise, it only includes fish and green vegetables.

  • Fish of choice — 220 grams
  • Green salad
  • Rice — 200 grams (Optional)

Cheat meal

Brandon Curry’s typical cheat meal is a burger with large French fries, soft drinks, and an apple pie. However, during preps for competitions like Olympia, Brandon Curry treats his taste buds more with Sushi until he is full.

The Olympia competition is set to return to its home in Las Vegas for the first time since Curry won the Mr. Olympia title in 2019. The event will take place from December 16th to 18th. Brandon Curry will have to get past formidable opposition like the reigning champion Mamdouh ‘Big Ramy’ Elssbiay to secure a win and make history. The 2022 Arnold Classic win has got him the necessary momentum and set the tone for the rest of the year. If Brandon Curry capitalizes on it and gets the win, he will accomplish something that very few bodybuilders can even think of.

Courtesy of Men’s Health magazine’s YouTube channel, you can watch the full video interview here:


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