How To Watch 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man Event Live Stream Online

2022 Europe Strongest Man Event

The 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man is a one-day competition and will take place on April 2nd, 2022, from inside the First Direct Arena in Leeds, England. Over the years, this competition has earned the status of being one of the most prestigious strongman contests in the world. As such, it will gather only the best athletes from Europe, and they will try to take the title away from last year’s champion, Luke Stoltman

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2022 Europe’s Strongest Man Lineup 

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2022 Europe’s Strongest Man Events Detail

Log Lift

The aim of the first event will be to press up as much weight as possible. Luke Stoltman is heading into this event as a heavy favorite. He is still one of the greatest log lifters in the world, and also won the max log lift event at the 2022 Arnold Strongman Classic

The current Log Lift World Record holder, Chieck “Iron Biby” Sanou, and American Log Lift Record holder, Bobby Thompson, will join the roster for this event only, since they are not part of 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man official line up. They are invited as special guests and will only try to break the Log Lift World Record. The placings and points of the 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man competitors will not be affected in any way by the performance of Iron Biby and Thompson.

Deadlift Ladder 

The deadlift ladder will see athletes attempt to complete all 5 implements in the shortest time possible. The barbell is loaded with 300 kg on the first deadlift, and it gets 25 kg heavier with each following lift. The final weight comes out to 400 kg, which will be extremely heavy, considering that the athletes have already done 4 exhausting repetitions. 

Looking at the lineup, it seems like Rauno Heinla and Konstantine Janashia are the favorites for this event. However, this event could turn out to be very even between all athletes.

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Carry & Drag

The athletes will carry a 120 kg anchor for 20 meters. After finishing the first part of the event, they will then have to drag a heavy chain for another 20 meters. This is a very hard event to predict when keeping in mind the 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man Lineup. It will come down to the swiftness and agility of the athletes. Oleksii Novikov and Marius Lalas are notorious for their speed, but it would not be surprising to see someone else take the most points.

Power Stairs

This is an old-school classic Strongman event, but it has not been seen in a competition for a very long time. Athletes will have to go up 15 stairs total with weight getting progressively heavier after every three steps. As this event is not often used in a competition, it might be a challenging experience for some athletes. However, throughout history, the taller and bigger athletes seemed to have an advantage on Power Stairs, but swiftness will also come into play as it is a very fast-paced event.

Atlas Stones 

Almost all competitions finish with this classic Strongman event, and 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man will too. This event will feature 5 atlas stone implements ranging from 120 kg – 200 kg. The lineup for this competition does not contain an athlete like Tom Stoltman, who is extremely dominant at the atlas stones. However, Tom’s elder brother, Luke Stoltman, is definitely one of the favourites for this event. Shane Flowers is another athlete who could take the maximum points in this event, having excelled in this event at the 2022 Britain’s Strongest Man

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The lineup for the 2022 Europe’s Strongest Man was supposed to be even more stacked. However, Mateusz Kieliszkowski, Graham Hicks, and Luke Richardson all withdrew from the competition because of injuries. All of them would have been title contenders, regardless of that Luke Stoltman will still have to beat a lot of great athletes to claim his second consecutive win.


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