Powerlifter Miles Taylor Deadlifts 200lbs 2x His Bodyweight With Cerebral Palsy

Miles Taylor deadlifts twice his bodyweight

Miles Taylor may have cerebral palsy, but he’s never let that stop him from performing impressive feats of strength. Recently, the powerlifter pulled a deadlift of 200lbs which amounted to twice his overall bodyweight (99lbs). 

The young powerlifter is an inspiration, and this is not the first time he’s been lauded for lifting twice his bodyweight. His determination and powerlifting skills were recognized by bodybuilding icon Arnold Schwarzenegger. In 2019, Miles Taylor lived up to his nickname “Smiles” and brought his strength and happiness to the Arnold Classic. In what was an inspirational moment for everyone in attendance, Taylor easily smashed through a 185lb deadlift. The feat of strength was especially impressive given the crowd watching him perform. 

With just a few years of training, Taylor has proven that he is capable of incremental gains when it comes to powerlifting. The athlete once again dropped jaws around the world at the 2020 Strongman Classic after lifting a large atlas stone. The performance was truly inspiring and saw “Smiles” lift the atlas stone for 3-reps. 

While his deadlifts are undoubtedly impressive, Miles has shared an even freakier display of strength back in 2020 when the athlete set a deadlift PR of 210lbs using a trap bar. During his spectacular PR, the athlete was focused so heavily on improvement that he didn’t realize he was lifting 210lbs until it was done. It was an inspirational moment and sent a message to his wide fanbase: never give up on your goals.

Miles Taylor Continues to Inspire by Powerlifting

In his latest display of strength, Taylor raw deadlifts 200lbs with only a lifting belt in a video shared on The World’s Strongest Man Instagram page. 

“Miles “Smiles” Taylor has cerebral palsy, but that didn’t stop him from deadlifting 𝟮𝟬𝟬 𝗟𝗕𝗦 while weighing 99 LBS. 💪” The WSM shared.

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Miles Taylor’s efforts are motivational and with a mindset geared towards improvement, surely anyone watching him is eager to see the evolution to his lifts in the coming months.

It seems like every few weeks the young powerlifter is shattering the expectations of most, and if this video is any indication, he intends to keep it up. After watching Miles plow through another deadlift, it’s clear the athlete isn’t letting cerebral palsy hold him down in the slightest. 


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