Powerlifter Prescillia ‘Lya’ Bavoil Crush A Huge 200 kg (440.9 lbs) Squat for 4 Reps In Training

Lya Bavoil Squat 200kg

The French powerlifting sensation, Prescillia ‘Lya’ Bavoil, is back in the gym preparing for the 2022 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships. The competition is nearing as it will take place on June 6-12, 2022, in Sun City, South Africa. This means that in just 8 weeks, Prescillia will get the chance to win her second consecutive IPF World’s, and her training performances definitely point towards that. On April 9th, Prescillia Bavoil displayed her squatting prowess by lifting 200 kg (440.9 lbs) for an incredible four reps.

Prescillia only used a lifting belt and knee sleeves to aid her in the set, which is considered raw by powerlifting standards. The first three of her reps looked incredible, as she only struggled a bit in the fourth one. The weight loaded on the bar is also just 10.5 kg (23 lbs) lighter than Prescillia Bavoil’s current competition PR. So there is no doubt that she will improve her personal best by a huge margin in the next comp. 

You can watch the lift here: 

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Prescillia Bavoil did not specify her bodyweight at the time of the squat set, but she weighed in at 65 kg (143.3 lbs) in the 2022 FFForce French Nationals. Lya won the 69 kg weight class with ease despite being the lightest athlete in that division. However, in the caption of a recent post, Prescillia indirectly stated that she does not know in which weight class she will compete at the IPF Worlds.

“63’s or 69’s at World’s be ready because I am 🔥.”

Prescillia Bavoil’s Powerlifting Journey 

The 2022 FFForce French Nationals were the 21st sanctioned competition in which Prescillia Bavoil took part in. Of those 21 outings, she came out victorious 19 times. She is also just 28-years-old but has already claimed the U63 & 69 kg Squat World Records, U63 kg Deadlift World Record, as well as the U63 & 69 kg Total World Records. 

Prescillia Bavoil’s Greatest Performances 

Prescillia Bavoil’s Competition PRs 

  • Squat: 210.5 kg (464.1 lbs) (2022 FFForce French Nationals)
  • Bench press: 115 kg (253.5 lbs) (2022 FFForce French Nationals)
  • Deadlift: 230.5 kg (508.2 lbs) (2021 IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships)
  • Total: 552.5 kg (1218 lbs) (2021 FFForce Championnats de France Jeunes et Élite de Force Athlétique)

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It seems like the 2022 IPF World Championships will be like a walk in the park for Prescillia Bavoil, and that everyone else will compete for second place. After seeing her rep out 200 kg (440.9 lbs) on the squats, it would also not be surprising to see a new World Record.


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