The Iranian Hulk Claims Martyn Ford Pulled Out of Fight, Plans to Sue for Contract Breach

Hulk Vs Ford

A few days ago, Martyn Ford told the public his boxing match with the Iranian Hulk, real name Sajad Gharibi, has been postponed once again. Following the announcement made on social media, The Iranian Hulk plans to sue after revealing that it was Martyn who pulled out of their fight.

Lead-up to the highly publicized fight has been packed with entertainment and pre-fight drama. During preparations for the boxing match, The Iranian Hulk showed off some of his unconventional training methods. One training session saw Gharibi absorbing full-blown punches to his body. 

Back in Feb., pre-fight hype reached a climax after Gharibi and Ford met for their first face-off in Dubai. Violence erupted as The Iranian Hulk charged Ford attempting to take him down albeit unsuccessfully. During the re-set for the face-off, it was Martyn who attacked first and pushed Gharibi to the ground. Following the mayhem, The Iranian Hulk broke down in tears, sharing that his family disowned him after the embarrassing run-in with Ford. 

On Monday, Ford made it clear that his boxing match with Gharibi was tabled once again. The fight had already been rescheduled once before due to injuries after the date changed from April 2 to April 30. Ford hinted that Gharibi withdrew but the social media star is adamant that it was Ford who actually pulled out of the boxing match.

The Iranian Hulk Trained in Sub-Zero Temperature to Lose Weight, Plans to Sue Ford

In a recent post made to Instagram, The Iranian Hulk says Ford ‘doesn’t want to fight me, or any other fighters’. In addition to losing weight in sub-zero temperatures, Gharibi states that his team intends to sue Ford after observing a contract breach. 

“I been training in subzero for months lost weight to be ready for the match no cancelation from me boxstar organization soon replace Ford in front of me it’s a shame and embarrassing English opponent not fighting me not any fighter Because he’s never a fighter we will definitely sue under the contract fighter will not have the right to cancel the fight for me the fight is still on Today I heard Ford didn’t want to fight not me not any other fighters I never canceled any fight but he don’t want see me again!

It’s against the contract and my legal team started. Actually pretty boy can never fight, who just hide and run away he must have a permission from woman first I can’t believe opponent like him its shameful this victory not honor for me its a century joke not century fight.” The Iranian Hulk shared. (Translated)

According to Gharibi, the fight is still on. He then questioned if Martyn truly wants to meet him in the ring. Nevertheless, The Iranian Hulk and his team plan to pursue litigation surrounding the breach of contract. 

Ford and Gharibi have a history and intended to fight their respective MMA debuts against each other. A few years ago, Ford signed a contract with the Polish MMA powerhouse, KSW. However, the fight with The Iranian Hulk never came to be despite obvious interest expressed on both sides. 

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With both combatants pointing fingers at each other, it will be interesting to see how this story unfolds. While Ford has stated the fight is currently off, it seems The Iranian Hulk is not ready to put this long-lasting feud to bed quite yet. 


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