Weight Loss Before and After: Bonnie Lost 142 Pounds To Take A Trip Of A Lifetime

Name: Bonnie Rutherford

Home: Riner, Virginia

Age: 40

Height: 5’9″

Previous Weight: 302 pounds

Current Weight: 160 pounds

Pounds Lost: 142 pounds

How I Lost It

I booked a once-in-a-lifetime trip to France in 2009 that I wanted to be fit enough to enjoy. So I became a team captain for a wellness competition at my job that encouraged eating more produce and working out. I also started logging my meals and activity on SparkPeople.com. After six months, I’d lost 70 pounds.

Buddying up for exercise changed everything. I’d walk with a friend, take Zumba classes and meet with a trainer every two months. Once his workout became too easy, we’d meet so he could show me a new one. Now I plan to start training for a marathon.

I never order out with my coworkers. I pack lunch, like a chicken sandwich on whole wheat and high-fiber cereal mixed into Greek yogurt. Dinner is salmon or a Boca burger with whole wheat pasta and veggies. Breakfast is high in protein, like eggs.

Don’t let a bad day lead to a bad week or month. If you slip up on an exercise or diet plan, you can always turn things around.

Source: FamilyCircle


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