2022 Mid USA Pro Results and Scorecard

2022 MID USA Pro Results

The 2022 Mid USA Pro Olympia qualifier show was held on Saturday, May 28, 2022, in Albuquergue, New Mexico, featuring the Men’s Classic Physique division.

Only five competitors entered the Classic Physique division to qualify for the biggest bodybuilding competition of the year, Mr. Olympia 2022.  

In the end, it was Camilo Diaz from Miami, Florida won the first prize. The runner-up to him was Kelvin Hinde, followed by Derek Duszynski in third.

You can find the full results and scorecards of Mid USA Pro contest below. 

2022 Mid USA Pro Results

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  • Winner — Camilo Diaz
  • Second Place — Kelvin Hinde
  • Third Place — Derek Duszynski
  • Fourth Place — Dino Estrada
  • Fifth Place – Jordan Moore

2022 Mid USA Pro Scorecard

2022 Mid Usa Pro Scorecard

Fitness Volt would like to congratulate Camilo Diaz on his major victory at the Mid USA Pro!


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