2022 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Results and Recap

2022 Sheru Classic Italy Pro

The 2022 Sheru Classic took place on June 25, 2022, in Rome, Italy. Competitors from Classic Physique, Men’s Physique and Bikini divisions took to the stage looking to earn the invitation to compete at Mr. Olympia in December.

The 2022 season of bodybuilding is underway with athletes gathering from around the world, presenting their physiques, in hopes to secure a coveted invitation to Mr. Olympia this winter. 2022 Olympia will take place from Dec. 16th – 18th in Las Vegas, NV

2022 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Winners 

  • Classic Physique: Marco Ruz
  • Men’s Physique: Ali Bilal 
  • Bikini: Kristina Brunauer

2022 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Results

Classic Physique

Ahead of the contest, many fans had their eye on Emanuele Ricotti, who brought an extremely conditioned physique to the stage. However, Marco Ruz brought his best look to date and pulled off the victory, earning his invitation to Olympia this year. Ruz last competed at 2021 New York pro where he placed 4th in the Classic Physique division.

  • Winner — Marco Ruz
  • Second Place — Emanuele Ricotti
  • Third Place — Edwin Underwood
  • Fourth Place — Mehmet Emin Baydill
  • Fifth Place — Shanti Mitchell
  • Sixth Place — Kelvin Hinde
  • Seventh Place — Issa Al Hasani
  • Eighth Place — Giovanni Randazzo
  • Ninth Place — Ayham Alaws
  • Tenth Place — Philipp Jendnelek

Men’s Physique

Youcef Djoudi stood out during the contest with an incredibly balanced proportions and appeared to bring his best look to the stage yet. After a battle on stage, Ali Bilal won the show, and punched his ticket to 2022 Olympia. 

  • Winner — Ali Bilal 
  • Second Place — Youcef Djoudi
  • Third Place — Furkan Er
  • Fourth Place — Fabian Faber
  • Fifth Place — Burak King
  • Sixth Place — Kenny Privet
  • Seventh Place — Nishant Bansal 
  • Eighth Place — Andrea Mosti
  • Ninth Place — Manoj Patil
  • Tenth Place — Marecl Treichler


After the event kicked off in Italy, many fans pegged Anna Setlak as a strong favorite. However, Kristina Brunauer brought her best package to date and secured her invitation to the 2022 Olympia. At last year’s Olympia Brunauer placed 16th.

  • Winner — Kristina Brunauer
  • Second Place — Anna Setlak
  • Third Place — Stine Hansen
  • Fourth Place — Chloe Margraitner
  • Fifth Place — Lilan Lopez
  • Sixth Place — Lucrezla Marchi
  • Seventh Place — Eleonora Sundas
  • Eighth Place — Noemi Lava
  • Ninth Place — Soldea Bella 
  • Tenth Place — Alice Marchisio

2022 Sheru Classic Italy Pro Scorecards

Sheru Classic Italy Pro
Classic Physique Sheru Classic Italy Pro
Bikini Sheru Classic Italy Pro

Anticipation for 2022 Olympia continues to build! FitnessVolt congratulates all of the winners on their big victories!


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