Successful weight loss maintainers weigh daily

People who have lost 10 percent or more of their body weight are more likely to avoid regaining 5 pounds or more if they weigh themselves regularly, especially daily. In a study conducted by Rena Wing of Brown University Medical School in Providence, R.I., 61 percent of those who weighed themselves daily maintained their loss within a 5-pound range after a year and a half. Only 32 percent of those who weighed themselves less frequently were similarly successful.

According to the researchers, most dieters regain a third of their loss within a year, two-thirds within two years. Regular use of a scale is one way to attack what one specialist called “the Achilles heel of obesity treatment”: maintaining weight loss for many years. Use of a scale alone will not maintain weight loss without attention to diet and exercise. But this study shows that the addition of a simple, concrete habit can significantly improve a dieter’s chances of success.


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